Premium Jewellery Gifts & Rewards

A First-Class Statement

Business is about reputation and image. Represent your business through Solitaire's premium service.

Also, employees' recognition of work and respect rank amongst the most important drivers of commitment.

Solitaire provides premium, personalized, and memorable creations that incorporate your firm's values, and its commitment to excellence, determination and quality.

Choose from the finest materials, including platinum, gold, non-tarnishing sterling silver & carbon fiber.

Each piece is designed and made in Toronto.

Solitaire was established in 1983.

Solitaire Corporate Jewellery: Pins

Amplify your brand with custom-made pins, cufflinks, pendants, charms or rings. Each premium piece is designed and made-to-order in Toronto. High-end rewards and recognition contribute to a stronger culture.

When Solitaire creates your piece, you are at the heart of the process. The final product reflects your firm's uniqueness.


Solitaire works with your requirements, and delivers exceptional service and premium quality. We have a track record of completing orders on-time and on-budget. We stand behind every custom-made project.

Solitaire's leadership in authentic custom jewellery provides both quality and client focus that far exceeds those of competitors.


Collaborate with designer Alex Armen, and take part in the true custom-made experience. Solitaire can re-create or re-design your firm's symbol, resulting in a professionally crafted artwork that meets your business needs.

Feel confident that our experienced designer will take the time to go over your ideas to design exactly what you are thinking of.

Solitaire Corporate Jewellery: Tie, Lapel Pins
American Flag Pin
From One-offs to Large Orders
Solitaire provides flexibility with your project
Custom Cufflinks
Add Colour for Subtle Elegance
Natural Gemstones from Idar-Oberstein, Germany
Custom Bell, Box
An Advanced Design Studio
Designer Alex Armen personally designs for clients
Solitaire Corporate Jewellery: Custom Corporate Ring
Serving all Industries
Perfect for services, technology, manufacturing, non-profits, and film/movie studios
Solitaire Corporate Jewellery: Custom Cufflinks
Personal Creations and Accolades
Discuss your requirements during your personal consultation
Solitaire Corporate Jewellery: Canadian Leaf Pins
Unlimited Creativity
With Solitaire's expereince, ideas are endless
Solitaire Corporate Jewellery: Key Chain
Fast and Simple Logistics
Insured global shipping
Solitaire Corporate Jewellery: Windmill Pins
Designed and Made in Toronto, Canada
A commitment to local talent and manufacturing
Solitaire Corporate Jewellery: Rings, Cufflinks
Stand Out From the Crowd
Your firm is different than its competitors
Solitaire Corporate Jewellery: Ship Wheel Pin
Uncompromised Focus and Passion
Solitaire only creates commissioned pieces
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